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  • M. Andrew Donaldson - After several oral arguments were conducted by the Court, Andy received an Order dated December 12, 2017, granting a Motion to Dismiss in favor of his client in a property line dispute case.  Andy's clients were sued for cutting almost 40 acres of timber on property the Plaintiff alleged belonged to him and his family.  Even though the standard for a Motion to Dismiss is high, the Court found there were no set of facts that would entitle the Plaintiff to recover against the defendants.  The highlight of this Order was the overwhelming joy from the firm's clients when they received the news. The firm is proud of the diligent work Andy put in for his clients.
  • Algert Agricola - The firm is pleased to announce that Mr. Agricola has been appointed by the Alabama Supreme Court to serve on the Court’s Standing Committee on the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure.  The Court’s appointment recognizes Mr. Agricola’s superior skills and intellect in his appellate practice.  As a voting member of the Standing Committee on the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure, Mr. Agricola will have a voice in bringing about needed changes and improvements in the rules from the perspective of a practitioner.  Mr. Agricola is pleased to contribute his time and effort to this worthy cause. 
  • J. Lenn Ryals - Lenn received another defense verdict this week.  After two days of testimony the jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant who had been sued by a visitor to his home after she slipped and fell.  The Plaintiff demanded the jury award her close to $100,000.00.  After careful deliberations the jury determined that the Defendant was not responsible.  Way to go Lenn!
  • J. Lenn Ryals - After a four (4) day trial a jury returned a defense verdict in less than twenty-five minutes for Lenn's clients who were accused by a neighbor of creating a condition that allowed water to drain onto their property causing substantial damages to their home. Lenn continues to provide superior representation to all of his clients.  Keep up the great work Lenn!
  • M. Andrew Donaldson - Recently Andy successfully defended a plumbing company against allegations that it had damaged floors in three seperate rooms of the Plaintiffs' home when some water escaped a drain hose.  The defense verdict affirmed that the damage to the floors were a result of the Plaintiff's conduct prior the replacement of the hot water heater and not the defendant.
  • The Firm had a great time earlier this month celebrating a night out at Montgomery's Riverwalk Stadium cheering on the Montgomery Biscuists baseball team.
  • Algert Agricola - The Firm is pleased to announce that on September 19, 2016, Mr. Algert Agricola was appointed by vote of the Alabama Supreme Court to its Standing Committee on the Alabama Rules of Appellate Procedure to serve a term of three (3) years.  The appointment letter from Acting Chief Justice Lynn Stuart to Mr. Agricola stated, “You have demonstrated superior skills and intellect in your practice and we appreciate your willingness to share your knowledge and insight.”  Mr. Agricola is grateful for the opportunity to serve on the Court’s Standing Committee and looks forward to the challenges ahead in this most important work.
  • Ryals, Donaldson, & Agricola, P.C. is thrilled to announce that Jeff Smith, Esq. has returned to the firm in an Of Counsel role.  Jeff will concentrate his practice primarily in the field of mediation.  During his over 30 year legal career Jeff had the opportunity to represent both Plaintiffs and Defendants throughout the state of Alabama in state and federal courts.  Jeff has a wealth of experience in automobile accident cases, medical malpractice, nursing home litigation, coverage disputes, slip and falls, property damage claims, bodily injury claims, water run off case, and construction defects.  Jeff is uniquely gifted in being able to utilize his experience and familiarity with the Court systems in Alabama to assist parties to come to a resolution before or during litigation.  When you are ready to get your case resolved contact Jeff Smith directly at or call (334) 834-5290 to schedule your mediaton.
  • Algert Agricola On March 17, 2015, Mr. Agricola filed an amicus curiae brief in the United States Supreme Court on behalf of Governor Robert Bentley in the case of Obergefell v. Hodges, Nos. 14-556, the case in which the Court will decide whether the 14th Amendment requires States to license a marriage between two people of the same gender.  Governor Bentley's brief, filed in support of the Respondent State officials in Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, and Michigan, emphasized the compelling interest that States have in promoting the rights and well-being of children and the reservation to the States of the power to define the privileges of marriage and parenting.
  • Lenn Ryals recently defended a motor vehicle accident in the Circuit Court of Chilton County, Alabama.  The accident involved a teen driving his truck on a residential street which collided with the Plaintiff's vehicle. The Plaintiff was represented by one of the most high profile law firms in the state of Alabama. After hearing testimony for two days a jury of twelve men and women returned a verdict in favor of the teenage defendant.  Through Lenn's hard work and presentation of the evidence, the jury saw through the stereotypical allegations made against teenage drivers and followed the law.
  • Algert S. Agricola re-appointed by the Governor. The firm is pleased to announce that Governor Robert Bentley has appointed Mr. Algert Agricola, Jr. to serve as General Counsel to the Governor's campaign for re-election in 2014.  Among his many duties and responsibilities in this position, Mr. Agricola makes certain that the campaign meets its reporting and filing obligations under the Alabama Fair Campaign Practices Act.  Having served in the same position for Governor Bentley's first campaign for Governor in 2010, Mr. Agricola is grateful for the opportunity to serve Governor Bentley again as he seeks re-election to continue to move our great state forward in his second term of office.


Governor Bentley stopped by to visit with Al here at our office.

  • M. Andrew Donaldson successfully obtains summary judgment for local lounge. - M. Andrew Donaldson, a founding partner of the firm, was retained to represent a local lounge sued for alleged violations of the Alabama Dram Shop Act.  Mr. Donaldson located several witnesses that were at the lounge on the night in question and secured testimony that supported defenses to the allegations that the lounge had served a customer while she was visibily intoxicated.  That customer had left the lounge and collided with a vehicle head on killing the driver.  The Plaintiff sought over a million dollars in damages.  After oral arguments, the trial court Judge ruled that there was insufficient evidence the lounge had served any alcohol to the customer. After considering the evidence the Court granted Summary Judgment in favor of all defendants.  The Plaintiff elected not to appeal the decision.
  • M. Andrew Donaldson successfully obtains summary judgment for mobile home park. - M. Andrew Donaldson, a founding partner of the firm, was retained to represent a a mobile home park who had been sued by a tenant who slipped and fell on stairs connected to her mobile home.  In less than a year Mr. Donaldson was able to complete all discovery necessary to present to the Court evidence to demonstrate that the mobile home park had no liability and was entitled to a judgment as a matter of law.  The Plaintiffs elected not to appeal the summary judgment and the matter has since been concluded.
  • The Firm is pleased to announce that Governor Robert Bentley has appointed Mr. Agricola to serve on Alabama's Constitution Revision Commission effective November 30, 2012. Created by the 2011 Alabama Legislature through Senate Joint Resolution 82, the Constitution Revision Commission is charged with the duties and responsibilities to create public awareness of and educate the public on changes recommended, to provide the Legislature with recommendations for any changes to the articles of the Constitution under consideration, and to report the Commission's findings, conclusions, recommendations, and suggestions to each article to be considered in each House of the Legislature by the third legislative day of each year after 2011. During his thirty-four years of experience as a lawyer, Mr. Agricola has litigated numerous cases involving issues arising from Alabama's Constitution. Mr. Agricola is grateful for the opportunity to use his experience and talents for the good of the State of Alabama and honored by his appointment by Governor Bentley to serve on the Constitution Revision Commission.
  • The Firm is pleased to announce that on August 16, 2012, Governor Robert Bentley appointed Mr. Agricola as the Governor's designee to the Joint Legislative Study Committee on Campaign Finance Reform. The 13-member Study Committee was created by Senate Joint Resolution 97 of the 2012 Alabama Legislature to study the Fair Campaign Practices Act in order to find ways to improve campaign finance laws. The Study Committee will present legislative proposals to the Alabama Legislature in February, 2013. Mr. Agricola has worked for many years in the area of election law, is a frequent speaker on topics relating to campaign finance laws, and has served as general counsel for the campaigns of Republican candidates seeking statewide office. Mr. Agricola is grateful for the opportunity to serve our state in this capacity and to donate his time in this endeavor.
  • John S. Plummer successfully obtains summary judgment for general contractor. - A little over three years ago John S. Plummer, a founding partner of the firm, was retained to represent a general contractor in a multi-million dollar lawsuit involving numerous different claims against our client including claims of defective construction. After extensive discovery, including discovery relating to experts, John successfully obtained summary judgment for our client. The Plaintiff appealed the summary judgment and hired a new law firm to prosecute the appeal. In December of 2011, the Alabama Supreme Court affirmed the summary judgment in favor of our client. The Plaintiff hired a third law firm and asked the Alabama Supreme Court to reconsider its decision. The Alabama Supreme Court denied the Plaintiff's request for reconsideration.
  • In June, 2010, Mr. Agricola was engaged to serve as General Counsel for the gubernatorial campaign of Dr. Robert Bentley. He currently represents Governor Bentley in litigation filed against him by the Alabama Education Association. Mr. Agricola also serves as an Administrative Law Judge for the Alabama Home Builders Licensure Board, the Alabama Real Estate Appraisers Board, and the Alabama Department of Public Safety. Mr. Agricola also serves as Committee Counsel to the Alabama House of Representatives’ Committee on Constitution, Campaigns, and Elections for the 2011 Regular Session of the Alabama Legislature.

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